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With the introduction of All Stars and Dynamos, many clubs have seen an increase in the number of girls engaging in cricket. Following on from this clubs have seen an increased demand for girls wanting to play cricket, especailly in girl only teams. 

The focus within the ECB is to ensure that cricket is the game for everyone and this is reflected in their emphasis on women and girl's cricket and the fact that, as a club, it is very difficult to access funding streams without offering either of these options.

In order to create a more sustainable and diverse playing landscape, Devon Cricket actively support all clubs to set up a girl's section and provide clubs with meaningful paying opportuntites either in the Devon Girls Cricket League or at the turn up and play Softball Festivals

As well as direct support with clubs, we also work with primary and secondary schools through the Chance to Shine programme to promote cricket to girls so that they can see that cricket is a game for them and they know where they can play. 

Whilst we support a club to set up a girls section in any age group, the ideal woud be to start at the under 11 age group. This can be through Dynamos or as girl only training at your club. This will also mean that you will have a group of girls that will travel up the age groups and sustain your girl playing base.  

If your club as a large number of girls that attend All Stars or Dynamos, then now is the ideal time to get in touch with Ann-Marie Presswell, the Women and Girl's Developemnt Officer to see how Devon Cricket can support you to acheive this. 

To support the playing opportunities for clubs who are just starting up their under 11 sections, 'turn up and play' festivals have been organised throughout the cricket season (see graphic below). If you would like to enter a team, then please click here


If you are not quite ready to set up a section, but are still interested in developing girls cricket here are some further ideas that you could explore..

We have produced a booklet to support you in thinking about ways that you can develop a girl's section at your club. This booklet also contains contacts for clubs who currently run girls sections in Devon, so you may want to contact them and see how they can advise you. 

Setting up a girls section booklet

The benefits of keeping girls in our clubs is clear. For starters, it gives you a bigger playing base and provides the club with a more inclusive and social dynamic. 

A girl's section brings a disproportionate number of volunteers to help with the club in lots of different roles, such as coaching, marketing and administration. 

This all-inclusive approach also helps with funding and grants, as Transforming Women and Girl's cricket is one of the main five foci of the ECB in the next 5 years, as detailed in the strategic plan 

If you need any help or would like to arrange a meeting to discuss how you can set up a girl's section at your club, look at the links below and then contact Ann-Marie Presswell, Women and Girl's Development Officer. 

Developing a girls' section at your cricket club - toolkit

Case study for setting up a girls' section from Tunbridge Wells