"Please remember that everybody needs somebody. Open up and talk about how you feel with people you trust. Suffering with mental health is nothing to be ashamed of and believe me, it can and will get better"




Kate Cross talks openly about her struggles with mental health and how it affected her game and how she overcame her anxiety and depression. 









Keeping young women active and engaged in sport is not easy. 64% of girls drop out of sport by the end of puberty. It is important that we support girls in their sporting journey and keep themin the game. 

With pressures from many parts of their lives, girl's sport should provide positive experiences that enhance their mental health and well being. Below are some websites that can support young adults with their mental health, keeping them active, well and in the game. 





 Whether you want to understand more about how you are feeling, want to find better ways to feel, or you want to support somone  who's struggling, we can help. 

Support and advice for young people, parents and those that work with young people. 

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At Dove, they belive no person should be held back from reaching their full potential, but in the UK and Ireland, 9 out of 10 girls with low self esteem but their health at risk by skipping meals or ignoring health signs. Working with Nike, they have developed and Bodt Confident Sport Program. If you would like to know more, click the image.






Putting young people at the heart of all they do, The Mix's mission is to empower every young person to make an informed choice about their wellbeing. Whatever issue you are facing, The Mix is there. 

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Providing insight into issues that have previously been unresearched by a male dominated sport's world, the Well HQ provides advice and information about menstruation and breast support for girls and women in sport. 

It is essential that as young women go through puberty that they get the support and health to remain in the game. 


Seeking advice and support can be difficult. It could be made easier by talking to a friendly face. So, if you feel you need help, ask or if you want to provide help, ask. One conversation could be the all that's needed. 



If you have any further concerns or issues, there is plenty of support on the WELLBEING page of our website.