Held at Exmouth Cricket Club, all clubs involved in the Women and Girl's game were invited

On Sunday September 18th, the Devon Women's Cricket League and the Devon Girl's Cricket League, run by the Devon Cricket Board, came together to celebrate the achievements of players, volunteers, officials and league members across the women and girl's game. It was a beautiful day and also coincided with the final games of all the Devon Cricket Girl's Leagues. 

Ann-Marie Presswell, Women and Girl's Development Officer welcomed the attendees to the event and started the proceedings with the awards for the volunteers. She commented "Volunteers are the lifeblood of the success of the women and girl's game across Devon. Thanks to all of you the game has grown more than we ever could have imagined and that is down to the all the hard work and hours you put in as volunteers at clubs"

For the first time, the women and girl's game had their own bespoke awards for volunteers, which ran alongside the Grassroots Cricket Awards. This initiaitive gave the opportunity for clubs to nominate and celebrate the volunteers that are involved in the huge growth of the female game in Devon this season. 

Ann-Marie shared particular thanks to team managers that she has been working with all season, recognising that it is not always an easy role to undertake. All team managers present received a token of thanks and those not present will receive them during the winter. 

Ahead of the announcement of the winners of the Volunteer Awards, the runners up in the categories were announced and those present collected their certificates. 

Women and Girl's Awards Runners Up: 

Kesiah Black (Brixham CC), Hannah Clark (DWCL, Topsham St James CC), Emily Colton (Exmouth CC), Giles Colton (Exmouth CC), Dean Davies (Braunton CC), Vikki Frost (Plymouth CC), Dan Lessiter (Heathcoat CC), Paul Mackie (Exwick CC), Kate Le Maux (Exwick CC), Daniel O'Connell (Teignmouth and Shaldon CC), Hollie perkin (Brixham CC), Darren Sambells (Whitchurch Wayfarers CC), Jasmyne Watson (Exmouth CC), Chloe Williams (Exwick CC) 

Attending Runner's Up collect their certificates


Category Finalists

Inspirational Young Cricketer (11-16)                                                                       Winner: Olivia Woollam (Whimple CC)

Olivia's help at All Stars this year has been much appreciated and the role she play as a role model to young girls is much appreciated. She has not only been a champion of girl’s cricket at her club, showing that girls can compete at all levels, but also at her school, Clyst Vale. 

Inspirational Young Cricketer (17-25)                                                                                 Emily Jakes (Heathcoat CC)

Emily's nominee siad "Your continued coaching support of the girl’s section at Heathcoat Cricket Club is much appreciated and it is fantastic that you took the coaching course over the winter to develop your coaching skills. I know that sometimes coaching the girls has not been easy, but you have taken it all in your stride and the Director of Girl’s Cricket comments that ‘the girls hang off every word Emily says and over the past couple of years has truly gained their respect and trust.’

Balancing the Game                                                                                                               Lizz Wyle (Culmstock CC)

Since joining the club, Lizz was the obvious candidate to be invited to join the committee as the Women and Girl’s representative. She has become an exemplary role model to everyone at the club as to how to make cricket more inclusive. This inclusivity goes beyond the women and girl’s section, but also for her dedication and time to acquire a defibrillator and manage the Safe Hands management system. You are clearly a great asset to the club. 

Taking Control                                                                                 Sharon Grigg (Devon Association of Cricket Officials) 

During this season Sharon has been appointed to games in both the women and mixed leagues and during this time has become a well-respected umpire, providing a fantastic role model for females in the game. Her calm and measured approach has been commented on and is a big factor in the continuing progress as one of two female practising umpires in the county. One captain commented “Sharon was very professional throughout and was engaged in the game at all times. She maintained a good relationship with players and explained her decisions, which was much appreciated’ 

Leading the Way                                                                                   Kirsty Hambley (Devon Women's Cricket League)

Cricket has been an integral part of Kirsty’s family life and she has  always loved the game, playing at club level and beyond. Her desire to ensure that  girl’s in Devon do have the same opportunities as boys, has led you to a position in the league committee where you work tirelessly to create a playing offer that allows women to play at all levels. The growth of the women’s league is a testament to her hard work with the committee. 

Coach of the Year                                                                                                                     Sean Day (Exmouth CC) 

Sean has clearly made a huge impact at Exmouth Cricket club amongst the women’s section, as there were multiple nominations for his dedication, enthusiasm, and encouragement for the team. He has been an integral part of building the women’s section at Exmouth and his patience and focussed sessions have been responsible for growing the women’s section and the success of the club to attend all events held in the county as well as field two league teams – all in just 18 months. 

Category winners (L-R): Sean Day, Kirsty Hambley, Sharon Grigg, Lizz Wyle, Emily Jakes, Olivia Woollam 


Aside from club Volunteers, Ann-Marie also took the chance to thank Young Female Volunteers who helped her during the season at the events that she has run. All those volunteers have taken part in the Young Storm Champions Leadership Course and they have recorded their hours to earn rewards. 

Congratulations to the girls pictured below who have volunteered for 35 hours at their clubs and received a Western Storm Hoody for all their hard work. 

Emily and Jasmyne have volunteered for 35 hours 

Holly Evans has volunteered for 35 hours 



"It was so lovely to see all the different sections of the women and girl's game come together and celebrate all the hard work that volunteers and club members have achieved in the last year. Thank you to all those who nominated and congratulations to those who were the winners of their categories. The future of women and girl's cricket in Devon looks to be in very safe hands" commented Ann-Marie, as the day came to a close. 

Thanks go to Exmouth Cricket Club for hosting the awards and to Mark Lockett for the use of the photos.

Following on from the volunteer awards, the Devon Women's Cricket League went on to celebrate the playing achievements on the field and all the details for these awards can be found here

If you would like any more information about the female game in Devon and opportuntities that your club can be involved in, please contact Ann-Marie Presswell.