The Grounds Management Association (GMA) has announced that its annual awareness campaign, #GroundsWeek, is returning from 20 – 26 March 2023.

What is #GroundsWeek?

#GroundsWeek, now in its third year, looks to raise awareness and recognise the work of grounds care volunteers and professionals in the UK, with a focus on inspiring new recruits to consider a career in the industry.

Research carried out by the GMA, highlights that the industry is in need of new recruits to join the sector. Currently, 40% of the workforce is over 50 years-old and, without an influx of new recruits, this could result in a significant employment gap within 5 years.

Sport simply could not take place without the contribution of grounds management and, without quality grass pitches, not only will our nation’s health and local communities suffer, but so will our talent offering when it comes to professional teams and leagues.

We know that, if we improved existing grass pitches, almost 1,400,000 (1,376,252) more children could play rugby or football every week and 489,859 more could play cricket every season.

That means 4,000,000 more children’s football matches could happen every year on existing pitches – this is why #GroundsWeek and encouraging more people to join the sector is so important.

Activity and events taking place over the week are all aimed at introducing new people to the industry and improving the provision of grass pitches, so keep an eye on the #GroundsWeek webpage for information about the events when they’re announced.

If you have any questions regarding #GroundsWeek and how you can get involved, please get in touch with us at

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#GroundsWeek 2023 | How to get involved

#GroundsWeek is about raising the nation's awareness of grounds management, celebrating its vital importance within sport, and encouraging those with 'career curiosity' to take their first steps into pursuing a rewarding role within the sector.

We can’t raise awareness of the sector without your help – so join us by getting involved in any way you can.  

Getting involved is really easy:

  • Use your social media channels to post about the difference grounds staff make - this could be a message of thanks for grounds teams, sharing photos of them at work or pictures of your finished pitch at its best.
  • Share photos of you and/or your colleagues at work.
  • A photo of your ground (either current or past work you’re really proud of).
  • A short video of you or your grounds colleagues talking about how you got into the industry / help out in your spare time.
  • Using line markers to write ‘#GroundsWeek’ on the pitch or training facilities for photos.
  • Getting a player or member of the coaching staff to try their hand at preparing the pitch for a short video.
  • You can share an interview with your grounds staff, or even get a player or member of the coaching staff to thank the grounds team or try their hand at preparing your pitch.
  • Use the #GroundsWeek hashtag in all your posts on social media.