Peter Langford, of Exeter CC, has been appointed as the Devon Association of Cricket Officials' (DACO) new Scorers Education Officer.

Peter Langford is a highly experienced scorer who has been scoring for several cricket clubs. He began scoring for Exmouth CC and now scores for Exeter CC. He also shares the scorer role for Devon County Cricket Club, including the Devon Lions (the County Club Development team). Additionally, he scores some matches for Devon Dumplings CC and spends a week in July acting as scorer on Free Foresters CC's Western Tour. Peter has also stood in as scorer for the second elevens of both Worcestershire and Gloucestershire County Cricket Clubs.

Peter is well aware that many clubs struggle to persuade members to act as scorers, which often results in matches in the Devon Cricket League (DCL) and elsewhere taking place with either only one scorer or none at all. To address this issue, he plans to increase the number of scorers and elevate the importance of the scorer's role in cricket. Scorers play a vital role in cricket, forming the third team with umpires in each match. Therefore, he intends to work towards strengthening the relationship between scorers and umpires.

Furthermore, he will engage with clubs to discuss the arrangements for scorers and the conditions under which they are expected to score.

Peter will contact the secretaries of all clubs in the DCL to introduce himself and encourage clubs to put forward members for scoring courses. He hopes that this will help enhance the knowledge of existing scorers and also encourage more people to take up scoring. There are courses available at different levels that provide training and guidance for scoring on various mediums. Anyone attending these courses will have the opportunity to enrol as a member of DACO. This will lead to them receiving regular updates on scoring issues and developments in the field.

If anybody wishes to contact Peter directly: