Devon Association

of Cricket Officials

Devon Association of Cricket Officials – Annual General Meeting 2011 November 17th, 2011.  The Park Hotel, Barnstaple.

Meeting opened 19:31

The Chairman opened the meeting and extended the welcome to all who attended the fourth DACO AGM.

The Chairman expressed his apologies due to a long standing commitment,  our President, Mr Roger Moylan-Jones, was unable to attend the AGM due to a long-standing commitment made fifty years ago.  As the President was not present, the Chairman assumed the role of Master of Ceremonies.

1) In  memoriam:   Peter Gleave paid tribute to Rowan Cowell, a north area member who sadly passed away recently.  Peter went on to explain Rowan’s many accolades and accomplishments.  A minutes silence was observed in memoriam of all those who passed-on during the previous year. 

2)  Attendance  & Apologies: A register of attendees and apologies were recorded on a sign-in register at the meeting; a copy of which is available on request and held by the Hon. Secretary.

3)   Opening  Address from the President:

The Chairman proposed to the amendments to the constitution:

Amendment  to Constitution “2008” version:  Section 7(i), 7(ii), 7(iii) – creation of “Honorary Performance Officer” and amend subsequent numbering scheme for officers and those able to act as Welfare Officer.

Amendment  to Constitution “2008” version: Section 15 (i). – amend Constitution to permit the AGM to be conducted
within the month of November.  This was proposed by the Management Committee to reduce the risk of inclement weather preventing Members from attending the AGM.

It was put to a vote and both amendments were carried unanimously by the persons present.

4) The  Minutes of the previous AGM (held on 2nd December 2010). All members had received a copy in advance of the 2011 AGM.
The minutes of the 2010 Annual General Meeting were proposed by Peter Gleave and seconded by Steve Lavis and the proposal was unanimously agreed.

5)   Matters arising from those minutes.  There were no matters arising from the Minutes.

6) Chairman’s Report:

Once again, thank you for taking the trouble to come to our AGM – I think it important that as many members as possible attend, and it is the key reason why we move the AGM around the County.  Our membership is now over 260 and likely to grow a little as a result of this winter’s round of education courses.  DACO receives a rebate of £4 per member from the ECB and this funding is essential to keeping the administration of DACO on the rails, more members is therefore a very good thing as is, most importantly, the retention of existing members.

2011 has been a good year for DACO – entirely due to the efforts of our membership.  Many new umpires completed education courses last winter and I have reported to both the Devon Cricket Board and ECB ACO that it would seem that our Level 1 education course is now “fit for purpose” as these new umpires are performing well on the field.   2011 also saw more observation of umpires, a process done to assist and to improve individual umpire performance and we now have in place a group of trained “observers” to do this valuable work, which will be an increasing task.  This is a vital process that is helping us meet our constitutional aim of improving the standard of officiating in Devon. As you should know, DACO works very closely with the Devon Cricket Board
and with the Devon Cricket league – for whom DACO appoints 40 umpires each Saturday through the season.  Our relationship with
these two groups is good and the result is close involvement in the evolution of cricket in Devon.  We also have a voice further afield through the ECB ACO and much of what we do in Devon is seen to be “good” and is offered as “best practice” to other Counties to assist them to develop.  This is on-going activity, started by DavidMoseby and I am pleased to carry that banner on your behalf. 
I am proud of what has been achieved but there is always room for improvement!

2011 saw the addition of Kevin Vince to the ranks of those who have successfully completed the ECB ACO Umpire Level 2 course (we now have 8 in Devon).  We undertake our first Umpire Level 1A course in January and, if required, we will run an Umpire level 2c course as well – this is ideal for practicing umpires to refresh and develop.  Scorers courses are available and like the 2C are demand lead.  All this sounds great … but it is so only because of you and the many volunteers who support cricket so assiduously.  An area where much work has been done behind the scenes is that of our Membership List and I am most grateful to Paul Dart for managing this process with his colleagues around the county, Jack Neville, Chris Shelton, Simon Dodwell and Clive Russell.  An aim for 2012 is to progress work done this year to identify as far as we possibly can which members are umpires or scorers or both. On your behalf I would like to thank all our area officers for their sterling efforts on behalf of their membership – our county being  so big, the need for area groups is obvious and the system works because of these area officers and those of them that represent their area at the management committee, ensuring that each area’s voice is heard.  To all of you – Thank You.

Looking at the wider cricket picture across Devon, I would say that 2011 has seen improvements in players’ behaviour in the higher DCL Divisions and better management of games by officials.  More umpires have experienced multi-day cricket and there is now, at last, a proper route for those umpires who aspire and are good enough, to move up to First Class Counties 2nd XI and Minor Counties games.  There are areas that still need work: Captains’ Marks still have some room for improvement and understanding but their value can be enhanced and endorsed by “Boundary Observers”.  And, working with our local areas to try and ensure the ever-growing T20 competitions and other competitions, which are great fun, have similar regulations!  Indeed, it is especially surprising just how many different forms of cricket take place in Devon, from winter indoor leagues to summer evening leagues.  So, a very big thank you to all those who have contributed, by giving of their time and effort to help cricket to be played in the right spirit and the right way wherever it is being played.

There are many parents and brothers and sisters out there who just might be encouraged to become scorers or umpires and I would ask you to actively encourage such people to join DACO!  Now that scoring can so easily be done on a smart phone or Ipad or laptop – none of which many of us have or even understand! – Are, nevertheless, easily operable by the youth of today!  So, please, see if you can find someone to take part in cricket and officiating.

Your DACO officers have had a busy year and I am delighted the team are happy to stand again for election.  You know who they are but I would just mention John Wadsworth, the County Appointer.  John is seriously unwell at present.  It was discussed amongst the DACO Management Committee to nominate John for Life Membership; however, given the current circumstances it would have
been entirely inappropriate at a time of ill-health.  We send our thoughts to Di, John and their family.  John Wadsworth, with Pete Bamber (i/c DCL appointments) have dealt with a huge volume of umpiring appointments, from County level, county age groups both male and female, the various county wide competitions and the many touring teams that we in Devon are privileged to have visit each year.  John has stood down from this role due to ill health and Pete has volunteered to replace him:  John has worked very hard for us all, I thank him and I would wish him to receive a vote of thanks from us all.

So, in conclusion ladies and gentlemen, I believe DACO is in good shape, having achieved much in 2011 but with much more to do in 2012.  We are strongly supported by very many willing and extremely able volunteers. We have strong finances – thanks to Ken Jeffery. A strong and well-motivated educational team, with new tutors coming on line, under the management of David Whaley; supported by a group of Observers and an increasing number of senior umpires who are helping new umpires to find their feet.  Relations with the Devon Cricket Board, the Devon Cricket League, the Devon Cricket Board Youth Association, the Devon Womens Cricket Association, and the Area Cricket Development Groups – to name but a few – shows that DACO is closely involved in every area of cricket in Devon.  And I wish to share with you tonight the fact that the ECB ACO have recognised the outstanding work as a trainer and educator of umpires over very, very many years of the North area’s Brian Pearce – I quote The Board of ECB ACO is delighted to announce the award of Honorary Life Membership to Brian Pearce of Devon ACO in recognition of his
outstanding contribution over many years to the training of umpires for ACU & S and ECB ACO”.
This will be officially announced at the ECB ACO AGM this Saturday, but it is only right that we should note this tremendous achievement tonight and, in due course, we will arrange a suitable event, here in North Devon, for the presentation – so, Brian, hearty congratulations and
well done!

We have a strong group of life and honorary members; John Fry, Brian Pearce, Harold Shaw, John Harris, Clifford Alford, Bert
Mitchell, Percy Govier, Bill Craven, our President Roger Moylan Jones, John Gauler and Tom Waldock. For those who are here and those who are not, Let us thank all of them for what they have done and many continue still to do.

Finally, my thanks to all of you for what you do, for without the combined efforts of all the individual members of DACO, Devon cricket would not be as successful as it is.  Thank you.

Treasurer’s  Report:  On 31s October 2011 DACO had achieved a surplus over the previous 12 months of £42. Ken
Jeffrey submitted detailed and audited accounts by Robert Loxton and Co.
Ken proposed that the financial accounts be accepted; Eddie Dymond seconded this proposal and the proposal was unanimously agreed. A copy of submitted report is available on request.

8)  Election  of Officers:  The President passed this duty to Eddie Dymond and proposed then nominations for Officers of the Association

Chairman  – Gavin Lane – proposed Brian Pearce, seconded Jim Anning

Vice Chairman – Andy Forward – proposed Brian Pearce, seconded Jim Anning

Hon  Secretary – Simon Dodwell – proposed Andy Forward, seconded Paul Dawe

Hon  Treasurer – Ken Jeffery - proposed David Whaley, seconded Brian Pearce

Hon Appointments Officer – Pete Bamber - proposed Andy Forward, seconded Paul Dawe.

Hon Education Officer – David Whaley – proposed Brian Pearce, seconded Steve Lavis

Hon  Scorers Officer – Nick Evanson – proposed Steve Lavis, seconded Bill Pinhey.

Hon Performance Officer – Gavin Lane – proposed Steve Lavis, seconded Andy Davis.

Appointment of Auditor: Previously accepted in item 7 “Treasurer’s Report”

10) Life  and Honorary Members: Nothing to report.

11) The  “Tony Miller” award 
This award is traditionally awarded to a member of AGM host area.  For his services to youth cricket, as a coach, an umpire, as club treasurer; he’s done the lot.  The award was given to Andy Davis. A surprised Andy accepted the award with thanks and recounted a story involving himself and Brian Pearce.

12) AGM  2012 Date set as Thursday November 15th due to be held in the East Area.

The Chairman thanked all persons presents for the attending.  The meeting closed at 20:20.