Our Performance Standards for Non-Turf Cricket Pitches Intended for Outdoor Use (PDF) describe the requirements for outdoor non-turf/synthetic cricket pitch systems, specifically practice areas and match pitches.

There are currently no stated standards for outfields.

Additional non-turf guidance for clubs

The following two documents offer additional guidance for clubs and ground staff around non-turf pitch provision and installation, and managing wider facility projects.  

Our guidance for purchase of a non-turf pitch (PDF) is essential reading to help you understand non-turf pitches and the preparation work required prior to obtaining contractor quotes.

In addition, we also have helpful tips for developing your project (PDF) and taking it from concept to completion.

Code of practice for design and installation of non-turf cricket facilities

The voluntary Code of Practice (PDF) for ECB approved non-turf pitch system suppliers sets out the recommended minimum standards for designers, installers and suppliers of approved systems.

ECB approved non-turf pitch systems and suppliers

Download and read our full list of ECB approved non-turf pitch systems and suppliers (PDF).

Any enquiries relating to the list of ECB approved non-turf pitch systems should be directed to