What is Safe Hands Management System (SHMS)?

SHMS is an online Club Management Tool whereby the ECB will require all Clubs to input the details of individuals in key regulated roles or those with responsibilities for the management and running of Club activities.

  • All clubs with junior sections and any club playing under 18’s in open-age cricket must meet safeguarding standards.
  • The club must adhere to the ECB Safe Hands Policy and Procedures.
  • Each club must have a trained and vetted Club Safeguarding Officer.
  • All adults who work with children at the club must have a current ECB DBS check in place.
  • All adults who work with children in cricket must have undertaken the appropriate ECB training. 

What benefits are there to our club by registering to the Safe Hands Management System?

  • SHMS provides a secure platform for you to store and manage all your Club information in one easy and accessible place – based on the feedback you have told us that it can be challenging to manage all of your records & data
  • SHMS is integrated into other ECB databases so that it can update information on your Officials' compliance against DBS and Qualifications in a timely manner
  • Upon registration and completion of the Insurance Risk assessment, you will be invited to take up FREE Club Insurance provided by our ECB partner – Howdens. The insurance policy will commence on your next renewal date
  • You will have direct access within SHMS to contact the ECB Customer Support team through a dedicated Help Centre on any queries or assistance you may need with Registration / Maintenance / Compliance, including how to apply or renew DBS certificates, access Course Bookings for Safe Hands

Why is the ECB making the Safe Hands Management System a requirement?

Safeguarding children across all cricket networks is an ECB priority, it is also a legal requirement under the Children Act 1989. Working Together to Safeguard Children 2018 places a specific requirement on sports organisations, to ensure they have minimum safeguarding standards in place.

The process will enable the ECB as the national governing body to provide consistent credibility to those organisations which meet the required standards of safeguarding.

As the national governing body, we have a responsibility to demonstrate that cricket is a safe sport for everyone. The process will help us to understand where we are with this and demonstrate that we have a safe sport for children and those around them.

How do I register my Club?

If you are a Clubmark-accredited club or have an established junior section then you will already have access or will have been contacted by Devon Cricket. You can log in here - https://shms.powerappsportals.com

If you have not been contacted then please get in touch to gain access to the system.

Useful Links 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch:
Alex Jopling - alex.jopling@devoncricket.co.uk - 07507 711595
James May - County Safeguarding Officer - james.may@devoncricket.co.uk - 07946 343520