Super 1s is a programme funded by the Lord's Taverners in partnership with the Devon Cricket Board to establish and sustain opportunities within cricket for people who have a disability. The programme itself allows young people with disabilities to unlock their potential on and off the pitch.


Many people with disabilities find regular opportunities for sport can be limited. Super 1s aims to make cricket accessible for all and promote a positive impact on participants' health, social and psychological wellbeing. Weekly sessions of cricket allow the players to learn new skills and meet new people in a safe and friendly environment. 


We are dedicated to providing cricketing opportunities to those with disabilities across the county. We want to use cricket as a vessel to develop characters and people, encouraging traits such as confidence and independence. The aim is to establish multiple hubs across the county to make cricket accessible for all.

These sessions are delivered by our Super1s Disability Development Officer, Lewis Fountain. Do not hesitate to get in touch over any inquiries or queries!


To find out more about how the Lord's Taverners are making cricket accessible for young people across the country, click the picture below. To see the impacts of Super 1s and Table Cricket, click the pictures on the right of this page.