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WTU is an Admistrative Tool that has been used in Devon to assist in the Appointing of Umpires.
Having completed the simple Registration Process online, an Official can enter their availability for the coming months,
which will be displayed accordingly when Appointments are being made on those dates.
Once Appointments are made WTU sends out an email to the Officials asking them to accept/decline the Appointment,
once accepted the Clubs concerned are also advised of the Match Officials.

Officials are also able to access information on forthcoming fixtures which they may wish to be considered for.
In 2015 the Devon Cricket League trialled WTU for the 'online' Reporting on Officials (Captains Marks)
and Fair-Play and Pitch Marks (Umpires Reports) which proved successful.

With many more matches being Appointed around the county via WTU it is increasingly important that Officials
use this resource, regardless of whether they 'stand' on the Panel or not.

Click Here to access the WTU Login Page