The Devon Girls' Cricket League are delighted to announce its League Ambassadors for the 2024 season.

"Since the foundation of the Devon Girls' Cricket League two years ago, I have been conscious of the fact that we have not been aware of the views and opinions of the most important people in the league - the players," said Women & Girls' Development Officer, Ann-Marie Presswell.

"With the creation of League Ambassadors this will change and the players in the league will be able to share their thoughts and opinions with their peers."

The League Ambassadors, along with Ann-Marie Presswell, will meet to review any feedback given during and after the season to ensure that the playing opportunities meet the needs of girls across the county. 

The League Ambassadors volunteered for the role after a request was sent out at the Devon Girls' Cricket League AGM. As an ambassador:

  • They will be the voice of young female players for all ages and all teams in the league.
  • They will be a positive voice for the league.
  • They will consider what is best for the league, with the role of ambassador sitting above any playing role.

The Ambassadors are there to consider your views. Have your say about your game - use the QR code above to tell us about your playing experiences in the Devon Girl's Cricket League.  



My name's Ella, I have been playing cricket for many years now and I am a very avid player of the game. The main reason I play cricket is because I simply love the sport and have developed a real passion for the game. I was initially drawn into the sport by the friendly and supportive social environment, and atmosphere the game creates. Because of this, I have formed so many new connections and lifelong friendships through the game that I can take through life and my cricketing journey. I love being part of the cricketing community no matter what level I am playing at.

Another element of the game that I love is the fact I get to be a role model for and inspire the next generation of young female cricketers who are excited by all the new opportunities in the women's game. One of my main goals is to get to the highest level of cricket that I can in the women’s game and to keep working my way up the professional pathways but, with this in mind, I am always driven by the idea that I can be a role model, in the hope that I will inspire others, especially girls, to get involved with cricket.  

As a league ambassador, I aim to make sure that all of the women participating in the Devon Girls' Cricket League have a voice. I think it is really important for female players, of all ages and from all teams in the league, to voice any concerns, ideas or general feedback, so that we can create a safe, supportive and fun environment. As an ambassador, I am committed to being a positive voice for everyone and I will be working with the league panel to communicate and report your feedback. I hope that you will trust me to take your views and lead the positive change that you as players want to see.

As a player myself in the league, I know that the girls' cricket league is a crucial chance for girls to have the opportunity to develop their skills and improve their game sense, but to also be a part of a team and be involved with a sporting community. That is why, with your help, I want to make sure that we create a supportive culture, so that as many girls as possible are inspired to get involved with the sport.

Finally, in my role as ambassador, I hope that I can be seen as a role model for the girls so that they are also driven and determined to make a change. I hope that I will be able to use my own cricketing skills and knowledge to have a positive influence on others and help everyone in the league reach their full potential.


I first started playing cricket in 2019. I quickly fell in love with the game, which was no doubt helped by early success when our team were titled Under 13 Lady Taverners National Champions in my first season. I was lucky to have joined a strong side who were supportive and welcoming. My game has developed a lot since then and I am now in the Devon Under 18 Girls squad.

I am a top-order batter and enjoy the challenge of adapting my game to suit the format I am playing at the time, whether it be T20 or 50 overs. I like trying my best for the team whilst also achieving personal targets at the same time. It is sociable and everyone is very supportive. There is nothing better than being at a match during the summer playing yourself or watching others.

I help coach the All Stars and have also assisted at our junior summer camps. I enjoy umpiring and scoring for the younger age groups and helping with our new women's softball team. 

I think it is important that junior players have a voice and are involved in the development of the game throughout the league. We need to encourage younger players and show them what a great team sport it is. Not everyone has the chance to play at school so all clubs need to be as welcoming as possible and ensure that everyone has access to the game. I want to encourage equality and fairness, making sure all players feel comfortable and confident, and developing their skills as they progress through the age groups.


I’m Evie and I play Under 13s hardball cricket. I love cricket because I like how friendly the teams are and yet they’re still competitive. When I play cricket with my team I like to bowl but I’ll put my all into every part of the game and try to improve anything I can.

I am part of the ambassadors' team so I can do my best to make sure everyone enjoys the games and has a lot of fun. Girls' cricket is a growing sport so we need to hear what the girls want from their cricket and try to ensure it’s accessible to everyone.


Cricket is a brilliant sport! I love playing and enjoy the excitement of chasing runs, getting a catch from behind the wicket and feeling proud of the team when we play well. I started playing when I was 10 and have progressed through the age groups at my club and now play for Devon U15 Girls. I am a wicket-keeper and top-order batter. 

I love that although you play as a team, you also feel a sense of personal achievement when you get your highest ever amount of runs, or take a record number of wickets.

I am lucky in the teams in which I play as they are friendly and supportive. I train a lot at school and for club and county, and always look forward to putting into practice what I have learnt in training into a match environment.

I love coaching the younger ones at All Stars and helping out with softball.

Junior players should be encouraged to be able to have a say in how the league works so the coaches can hear things from our perspective. We need to make sure we get as many juniors involved as possible so the clubs continue to grow and there are always younger players coming through.


Hi, I am Megan and I have been playing cricket for around 5 years. I play Club, County and Western Storm EPP hardball cricket as a leg spin allrounder. I love the atmosphere of playing in a team and the people I play with, cricket also helps me relax and get away from things.

I think it is important for the league players to have a voice in a rapidly growing sport to guide how the league grows and ensure people are made welcome and enjoy the sport. I believe that the more clubs involved in the league will encourage more girls to take up the sport and remain in the sport at a crucial time.

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