Get Set Weekend has for many years been a pre-season focal point for clubs up and down the country.

In 2024, the national Get Set Weekend will take place on 23-24 March, however, clubs are encouraged to take part on alternative dates if the 23-24 March is not suitable.

The Weekend is a fantastic opportunity to inspire new and existing volunteers to spend time at their local club, helping it to ‘get set’ for the upcoming season.

The Get Set Weekend is powered by The Cricket Collective: the volunteers who drive and deliver all areas of the sport. In 2023, over 20,000 people got involved across England and Wales, supporting their clubs and local communities.

Below are some tips on how to encourage people to volunteer at your club:

Build Your Cricket Collective

  • Be direct!
    • 54% of people in cricket have not volunteered because they have not been asked.
  • Start small
    • People might be nervous to help out at first. Give them smaller tasks to ease them into the role and familiarise themselves with the club.
  • Be specific
    • Create task lists and project groups so people understand what they're agreeing to.
    • If you can, indicate how much time might be required.
  • Be flexible
    • Whilst it's important to be clear on what you need as a club, if someone is unable to commit to the full role, be flexible!
    • Try to find arrangements that suit both your club and the volunteer.
  • Use
    • For more advice on recruiting people to support your All Stars and Dynamos sessions.
    • There is advice specifically on getting more women and girls involved too.
  • Plan ahead
    • Try to think about your volunteers before you are in a crisis!
    • Having a Volunteer Coordinator or adding 'volunteering' to all your committee meeting agendas can be key to building a more sustainable approach.
  • Role models
    • Role models can inspire new volunteers, particularly among women and girls who may feel underrepresented, and therefore unwelcome, within sport.
  • Say thank you!
    • It doesn't matter how big or small the role is, make sure everyone is made to feel valued by showing your appreciation.

Unite Your Community!

The Get Set Weekend isn't just about your physical facilities. It's also a brilliant moment to unite your players, volunteers and members, and get them ready for the season ahead too!

Use it as an opportunity to build team spirit ahead of the busy season:

  • Organising a pre-season activity is a brilliant way to get people ready and excited for the season ahead. You can use it as a chance to set your goals and ambitions as a club both on and off the pitch.

Invite parents and players who do not currently volunteer to an introduction day:

  • Find out a bit more about their skills and interests, explain the areas your club could do with a helping hand and inspire more people to get involved.

Give back to the community:

Offer refreshments and demonstrate the fantastic community volunteers will be joining by getting involved!