Get Set Weekend has for many years been a pre-season focal point for clubs up and down the country.

In 2024, the national Get Set Weekend will take place on 23-24 March, however, clubs are encouraged to take part on alternative dates if the 23-24 March is not suitable.

The Weekend is a fantastic opportunity to inspire new and existing volunteers to spend time at their local club, helping it to ‘get set’ for the upcoming season.

The Get Set Weekend is powered by The Cricket Collective: the volunteers who drive and deliver all areas of the sport. In 2023, over 20,000 people got involved across England and Wales, supporting their clubs and local communities.

Why get involved in the Get Set Weekend?

  • Prepare your facilities for the season ahead:
  • Use the time to future-proof your club for years to come.
  • At the very heart of cricket is the Collective of volunteers who help make it happen. Why not use the Weekend to recruit new volunteers to the club?
  • If these aren’t reason enough to get involved, we are also offering a number of incentives to all participating clubs, including activity packs and 1,000 prizes to be won.
  • Don’t own your own facilities? There are still plenty of ways to get involved:
    • Contact the club or organisation whose facilities you use and ask if any support is needed. Alternatively, ask if your club can run an event on the day using the facility.
    • Use the Weekend as an opportunity to get to know other local teams and groups. Check out social media or speak to your local County Cricket Board officer to see if there are other nearby events you could get involved in.
    • Even if you do not have your own ground, we have over 250 Urban Hub locations that would be perfect to help you get involved. Urban Hubs are designed to allow diverse communities in urban environments to play cricket all year round. They are aimed to be at the very heart of communities and encourage as many people to get involved as possible.
    • The Cricket Collective also have a range of programmes designed to help you maximise your engagement with diverse communities such as: the Core Cities Programme, ACE, and the South Asian Female Volunteer Programme.
    • These programmes have given the opportunity for over 37,000 people from diverse communities up and down the Country to pick up a bat and a ball!
    • If you would like to know more, please contact the Cricket Collective via this form.

The Cricket Collective are encouraging clubs to register for the #GetSetWeekend using the short form on

All clubs who register by 23:59 on Thursday, February 29 will be entered into a draw to receive Jewson store credit up to the value of £500.

The Cricket Collective

Cricket simply wouldn’t exist without an amazing team of volunteers making the game happen week in and week out.

A recent survey highlighted the need for a volunteer identity, with only 21% of volunteers* feeling volunteering in cricket gets the recognition it deserves. To help improve the volunteer landscape across the game, in June 2023, The Cricket Collective was born.

The Cricket Collective is the army of volunteers that make cricket happen. It is the person who dedicates their life for 20 years,
and the person who contributes 30 minutes every two weeks. It is the long drives to away games, making the tea, or cutting the grass. It’s anyone who dedicates time to ensure that recreational cricket goes ahead and helps to connect and inspire their local community and it has never been more important.

The Cricket Collective is integral to delivering the game we all love and helping to build collaborative and cohesive communities.

This Get Set Weekend, we encourage you all to take the opportunity not only to prepare your clubhouse, sweep away the leaves, and paint the benches, but to inspire and engage your volunteers.

Cricket can’t happen without its people. The Get Set Weekend is your chance to get your volunteers – new and existing – ready and feeling motivated for the season ahead.