South West Wicketz Team Photo


The festival at St James School in Exeter, saw 35 children aged 8-12 from three projects unite to celebrate all that is good about playing cricket together. Wicketz Plymouth not only took the most participants but also had the highest number of females attending on the day. 

Before the cricket tournament started, participants took part in teambuilding activities that encouraged them to meet new people, improve team cohesion, as well as help them to develop their confidence and communication skills.   On rotation with the teambuilding workshop,  we were joined by Vicky (Sugar Smart Ambassador and Devon Cricket Community Coach). Vicky delivered a fun, educational workshop that helped raise awareness of the dangers of eating sugars, how much sugar they should consume a day and overall helping to promote a positive change towards a healthier lifestyle.

Vicky, who delivered the workshop said, “it is so important for children to be aware of how much sugar they are eating in their foods daily- sometimes it can be four times their daily allowance. I am passionate about educating them to read labels, know their limit and be aware of the healthier alternatives”.

The workshop had a positive impact on all participants and saw many sharing their food labels when on a lunch break. A few quotes taken from the day reiterates this:

" I found the sugar smart helpful; I had no idea how much sugar is in a Mountain Dew or a tin of tomato soup".

 “I learnt that that if the food label is red, it's bad but if it's green, it is healthier for you”.

“I should only have 6 sugar cubes a day”. 

In the afternoon, the participants took part in cricket tournaments against the other teams as well as a cyber safety workshop delivered by Wicketz Development Officer, Katie and Sam. Technology saturates many children's daily lives; children use technology in class, use the internet for schools and in their spare time through Ipads, smartphones and gaming consoles.  The workshop consisted of participants learning about the dangers of being online, what to do if they feel unsafe and how to make their profiles private and protected. 

Katie, Development Officer from Plymouth said “social media is an extremely dangerous place, particularly for those that are vulnerable.  Social media can be accessed extremely easily, and it only takes someone clicking on a link or sending a few messages for them to be in danger. By delivering a cyber safety workshop we are helping to educate Wicketz participants on everything they need to know and to help them stay safe when online”.

The day ended with an award ceremony and a special thanks to all those who attended. Everyone showed outstanding behaviour and performances but two participants from Plymouth were selected by all coaches and awarded for their efforts.

Lacey, who has been a part of the Plymouth project for over four years now got awarded Sportswoman of the festival. She was chosen for this for her enthusiasm, team spirit and support to the younger participants throughout. Lacy is a fantastic role model and we are honoured to have her as part of the Wicketz programme.

Oliver, who has been with Wicketz for just over a year got the award Team Player of the festival. Despite, some setbacks in the matches, Oliver did not quit, he continued to have a positive mindset and encourage his whole team. He is another excellent role model for Wicketz Plymouth