Here are some suggestions drawn up by the North Devon Youth Cricket Association and the Devon Cricket Board for ways clubs can offer cricket to young members.

1 - Wherever possible Clubs run sessions observing social distancing.  We realise this is very difficult where Clubs may not have many coaches available. (Rather than offer no cricket, we would advise committees to risk assess sessions then appoint a qualified coach to oversee unqualified but reliable and well-known assistants).

Please take care with this as only qualified coaches will be insured. If you are uncertain please contact Alex Jopling at the DCB office for clarification.

2 - Rather than the end of the Colts season happening around mid-July, it is proposed that we extend to possibly mid/late August in the hope that inter club fixture ‘may’ be possible by then?

3- Although there will be no formal league, our goal will be to be ready to play some flexible, friendly fixtures with close by clubs as soon as it is deemed safe to do so. To this end we need to get youngsters engaged in the game and continuing to develop their skills – not easy when most of them just want to play matches but we have found the young players really understanding of the current situation. 

4 - We would recommend that clubs plan and advertise your Summer Camps. This is a relatively safe way to provide cricket for your youngsters. If you need any help with this please get in touch.

Here is some advice that may help your club and players stay safe SAMPLE BELOW  

NB Players who are not members/temporary members and who have not booked WILL NOT be allowed to participate. 

Players must –

1 - Book all sessions in advance

2 - Players and parents/guardians must adhere to social distancing rules

3- Players must follow the guidance of their coach at all time

4- Bring your own equipment.

5 - Where possible bring your own hand sanitizer

6 - Please use toilet facilities at home before attending – toilets are only available to players and club officials. 

7 - Players must arrive changed and ready to play.

8 - It is advised that players change their shoes in the car park

9 - Players MUST not share equipment

10 - Players and parents/guardians must observe and adhere to ALL Covid 19 signage

10 - All visitors to the club MUST sign the dated visitors book every time they enter the ground. 

11 - No person should come to our ground if they have ANY of the symptoms of COVID 19.

12 - Please complete and PRINT and bring with you the club Player Profile Form 

Please be advised that only players and coaches will be allowed into the playing area. Parents are respectfully asked to maintain social distancing and remain in the car park area.

We reserve the right to cancel training if the Covid 19 situation should change and/or government guidance is altered.


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