So what did we get up to in 2015?  

In 2015 there were three seminars held. The first in April was led by Martin Ford. Martin manages the Performance Quality Standards scheme on behalf of the England and Wales Cricket. The workshop, which was held at Sidmouth Cricket Club, attracted both groundsmen and umpires, to look at the fundamentals of ‘what makes a good pitch’. 

The second was hosted by Shaldon Optimists Cricket Club and held during mid-season to look at aspects of machinery maintenance and pitch repair.

Finally in September it was time to ‘put the square to bed’ at Abbotskerswell. Rob Donnelly, Regional Manager for the Institute of Groundsmanship visited the event as did Devon Garden Machinery who have been long term supports of the work of the Association.

Throughout 2015 Devon’s team of Pitch Advisors have been active. Led by the DCGA chairman, Charlie Woolnough, the team have helped clubs with some of the more technical issues around the care and maintenance of cricket square.

In 2016 we’re all looking forward to working with more clubs and their groundsmen. If you like club to be put in touch with more information then please contact the DCGA secretary, Ed Leverton on 01752 774188.