Kiwik Cricket at Ipplepen in 2016

YOUNG cricketers from around South Devon are again being given opportunities to participate in fun Kwik Cricket festivals thanks to a program of events organised by the Wollen Michelmore-sponsored South Devon Youth Cricket League.

The league launched the festival concept in 2016 and it proved to be an immediate success, with around 200 different children having participated in at least one festival over the course of last summer.

With a bit of tweaking to the format, the festivals are running again in 2017 and are once more being hosted by various member clubs of the youth league.

The first festival is being staged at Shaldon Optimists Cricket Club on Sunday, May 21, starting at 10am and finishing around 1pm.

Chris Partridge, the league chairman, is hoping even more players will participate this time around.

‘Festivals are a fantastic way for young cricketers with little or no experience of playing cricket matches to participate in games, improve their skills and enjoy the social aspect of meeting young players from other clubs,’ said Partridge.

‘Matches are played using plastic, Kwik Cricket equipment and windballs, so children do not need any of their own equipment.

‘The pairs cricket format used in the festivals means every player will bat, bowl, field and keep wicket in every game.’

‘Teams of six can be any mixture of boys and girls and there are no specific rules on the age of children taking part, although the guideline is for ages 7- 11.’

Partridge is keen for as many teams to take part as possible, so he is stressing that there is lots of flexibility for anyone who may wish to join in.

‘Although participating teams will be mainly representing cricket clubs, there is no reason why schools or community groups could not also take part,’ said Partridge.

‘These festivals are all about getting children involved in playing games of cricket and enjoying the experience of representing their club, school or youth group.

‘If anyone would like to take part then I would urge them to get in touch – even if you don’t have a full team of six, we may be able to join smaller groups together to form a team on the day.’

Anyone interested in entering the Kwik cricket festival at Shaldon should contact Partridge