Get an £1000 grant for your Club in association with the Cricket World Cup

Your Club can still apply for an £1000 grant ahead of the biggest ever summer for cricket in the Country. 

As the CWC 2019 returns to England and Wales for the first time in 20 years, the ICC and ECB aim to engage 1 million kids throughout the tournament, with Clubs given the opportunity to apply to become a Cricket World Cup Club, put on a family day and celebrate and engage a new audience through the excitement of the CWC 2019.

Furthermore, a Cricket World Cup Club Fund has also been launched with at least the first 2,000 affiliated Clubs who register, having the opportunity to apply for £1,000 to help digitise or upgrade catering facilities. The Fund has been set up to help Clubs install new broadband, boost their clubhouse’s audio-visual capabilities, or transform their social spaces/catering facilities to assist with their CWC 2019 family day. 


Being a Cricket World Cup Club

As part of the initiative, Clubs are being asked to run a weekend of child/family-based activity, helping to better connect with the local community and engage a younger generation. This could be anything, from kids’ coaching sessions, parent/child matches, or even a ‘Bring a Friend’ day. The aim of these family days is to get more kids involved in the game and to help Clubs showcase themselves to a wider audience.

Clubs who register will have access to official marketing material to assist with the promotion of their event – which they will be able to use in schools, on social media and in the local area. Cricket World Cup Champions, the lead volunteer at the club, will receive official World Cup merchandise to reward them for their efforts. 




The £1000 Club Fund The application for the £1000 grant is separate to registering as CWC Club. 


Once Clubs have registered they can then apply for the £1000 grant through a straightforward application form. In order to apply for the grant Clubs will need the following:

- To be registered as a Cricket World Cup Club 
- To be affiliated to the Devon Cricket Board 
- A Constitution 
- Valid Buildings, Contents & Public Liability Insurance
- Security of Tenure – Leasehold, Freehold or Rental Agreement (minimum of one year)

The project needs to cost a minimum of £1000 and requires a full quotation. 


For more information and to register your club please visit:



Thirty Clubs in the County have already received confirmation that their grant applications have been successful - spending their £1000 on things such as BBQ's, marquees, fridges, picnic tables, construction of patio areas, TVs, PA systems, speakers and much more!


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