New Sidmouth skipper Gingell says he is not guaranteed place in his own side!

Nick Gingell, the pragmatic new captain of Premier champions Sidmouth

SIDMOUTH’s new 1stXI captain Nick Gingell says he isn’t guaranteed a place in the side next summer - even though he is the skipper.

Gingell has taken over from Premier-winning skipper Luke Bess, who stood down after two titles and a Devon Cup win in his three seasons.

Gingell has been vice-captain to Will Murray, who won multiple titles with Sidmouth between 2007-2015, and was 2ndXI skipper in 2014. He knows the ropes.

Gingell also knows the high standards that have brought Sidmouth trophy after trophy over the last decade mean there is no room for passengers in the 1stXI.

“I see my role as that of club captain, but if I am in the 1stXI then I will run it,” said 35-year-old all-rounder.

“I am not naïve enough to think my place in the side is guaranteed as I was dropped three times last season.

“Just like every other player in the team I will have to perform if I want to keep my place.

“If we recruit all of the players we are talking to, our strongest side is going to be very strong.”

Sidmouth have already confirmed they are talking to an opening batsman who is thinking about a switch, but won’t say who it is until any deal is done, or otherwise.

Gingell said other signings are being discussed and their arrival, or not, will shape future planning.

“Overseas-wise we have a player in mind, but nothing is settled,” said Gingell.

“If we get all the players we want we might not need an overseas player.

“I imagine that question will be resolved in the next week or two. It is never a good idea to leave it too late to settle on an overseas player.”

HEATHCOAT are looking to appoint a new skipper for 2019 to succeed Peter Randerson.

Randerson led Heathcoat to third place in the Tolchards Devon League Premier table last season, matching their previous best finish in 2016, but with two more wins.

No Heathcoat skipper has a superior Premier record since Heathcoat played in it for the first time in 1980, the year after they belatedly joined the league.

Going into the final round of fixtures it was a three-horse race for the title between Sidmouth, Exeter and Heathcoat.

Top of the short list to succeed Randerson as captain is Jackson Thompson, the former Gloucestershire and Middlesex batsman, who has been Heathcoat’s professional for the past two seasons.