Girls camps are well underway!

With the shortened season and many club volunteers having other commitments, there was some concern that the momentum and growth in girls cricket in clubs and the county would be lost. However, it seems that this really is not the case and if anything, the opportunity for girls to play is on the increase, not only with weekly girls only hardball and softball camps on offer, but also amongst the clubs that have girls only teams. 

This week saw the start of the county wide hardball and softball camps around the county, designed to provide girls with opportunities of just playing with other girls and building their confidence which they can take back to their clubs. Starting  at Paignton with the softball girls on Tuesday 4th. The girls were given opportunities to develop their skills in a series of activities, led by Jonny Varcoe, before putting those skills into a game in the afternoon. They also learnt about umpire signals and the laws of the game to help them when they return to the club. 



Games throughout the morning help to develop batting, bowling and fielding skills.


Wednesday 5th saw the girls arrive at Plymouth Mount Wise for the first hardball camp. After a competitive warmup, the girls has some focused sessions in the nets before lunch and an afternoon game. The girls batted in pairs, whilst the remainder we in the field, but they also umpired and scored the game, learning new skills which they can apply outside the game. 

Scoring the game

Great shot!


As well as these centrally organised activities, clubs are busy organising games between themselves. Exeter, Bovey, Ipplepen, Paignton, Sidbury and  Plymouth all have teams of girls playing at various age groups between themselves, but also within the league. It seems that they just want to play. Claire from Ipplepen comments that the 'girls are just desperate to play games'. 

Photos from Ipplepen vs Paignton, 2nd August

Ipplepen 285, Paignton, 281 - match coming down to last couple of balls in the pouring rain! 


Inter club friendly:

Bovey Bats  (289) vs Bovey Beagles (260)


If your daughter is interested in playing cricket, then please follow the links here to sign her up to one of the camps around the county, or go to the girls cricket page here and find a club near you. 


If you need any further information, Do not hesitate to contact Ann-Marie Presswell, Women and Girl's Development Officer.