As we are reaching the halfway point of the winter training programme I just wanted to give you an update of the current programme and the new summer programme for 2020. 

We currently have 400 players participating in the winter training around the County at five centres listed below.

  • Blundell's School 
  • Plymouth College 
  • Bicton College 
  • Park School
  • Torquay Boys Grammar School

The 400 players are split across 8 age groups, these are: 





Youth Development Cricket Proposal 2019 – 2020

During September we conducted a parent & player satisfaction survey for the first year of the Youth Development Programme. Along with this we have also conducted an internal review with leads officers and compiled feedback from the coaches involved.

The questions that were asked were: Winter Programme

  • Value for money

  • Quality of Administration

  • Quality of Coaching

  • Quality of Programme Content

    The same set of questions were used for the Summer Programme along with:

  • Number of Matches

  • Formats of Matches

Winter Programme

From the internal review and the survey there are some common areas that we realise will improve the programme. 

  • Continuity of Coach

  • Continuity of Programme

  • More Individual Feedback

For the above areas we feel that we have solutions and can be easily solved for the upcoming winter.

We have held training events for the coaches who are working on the programme along with sending out player development plans for all players. 

Summer Programme

From the internal review and the survey there are some common areas that we need to address to improve the programme for 2020 (table 1 & 2).

  • Number of Matches

  • Formats of Matches

    The Scale:
    1 = Very Poor
    2 = Poor
    3 = Satisfactory 4 = Good
    5 = Excellent



As you can clearly see from table 1 there is a large proportion of dissatisfaction regarding the number of games played in the summer programme.

From 2019 it has become obvious that facilitating a match day programme of 4 to 6 matches for all players in the pathway is logistically not possible.

We would encourage an emphasis on players to support, play and perform in club cricket.

Summer Programme 2020

Following a recent steering group and review meeting, the following has been agreed and will be implemented next summer - 2020.

The below structure will only be in place for the boys age groups, U10’s, U11’s, U12s, U13s & U14s. The girl’s Summer Programme will remain the same as 2019, however the ECB are currently undertaking a review of the girl’s pathway and we will know more about this in the New Year.

As already communicated, all players invited to winter training sessions will receive 18 hours of coaching at their local Youth Development Centre.

During these winter training sessions, head coaches and their assistant coaches will be continually observing and regularly assessing all players and their development.

Once the winter programme and been completed, all Head Coaches from our 5 centres will be nominating a small selection of players to attend a *festival day in the May half term holiday where further assessments will take place (*to be clear, not all players will be invited to these festival days).

Observations throughout the winter, and from this festival day, will enable the selection of a “Youth Development Squad” of 14 players. These squads will each have a dedicated manager and coach and play approximately 6 matches each during the summer against appropriate opposition.

Sandy Allen
Pathway and Coaching Manager