DACO is preparing this year's training for new cricket umpires. The course for new umpires is called Level 1, and does not need any experience of umpiring cricket matches, as a criteria for anyone wishing to apply to go on the course.

Those who pass this course can go onto the Devon Cricket League panel, if they wish, and stand in B Division games in 2017. DACO is stretched to supply the number of qualified umpires it is presently asked to provide, for the variety of cricket that takes place in Devon, so all new umpires are most welcome. The course will probably be over two week-ends, and take place towards the end of the year.

The course will be held as central as we can, to those who have applied to attend, and the cost, that includes all course materials, tea, coffee and hot food, will be as near to last years' £65 as possible.

DACO is hoping to maintain the demand for qualified umpires it is currently asked for, and the injection of 'new blood' will vital in this plan. These new umpires will go some way, eventually, to putting 'old curmudgeons' like me, out to grass!!

Anyone who is interested should contact me by phone on: