Position Name Description Responsibilities
President Mr Graham Shears    
Acting Chairman Nick Rogers    
Vice-Chairman Phil Bees    
Hon. Secretary Mr. Ed Leverton Secretary  
Hon. Treasurer Mr. Mark Horwell    
Hon. Fixture Secretary Phil Bees    
Discipline Nigel Mountford Disciplinary Matters Chairs disciplinary sub committee and promulgates decisions by said committee
Registrations Officer Paul Mitchell Registration of Players for the DCL Maintain and issue Player registration database for Devon Cricket League
Playing Rules Secretary Ray Allen    
Logistics Officer Nigel Mountford    
Commercial Secretary Richard Stevenson    
Divisional Representative Mark Couch   Member of Playing Rules and Regulation Management Committee representing designated clubs
Divisional Representative Mr. Peter Avery   Member of Playing Rules and Regulation Management Committee representing designated clubs
Cup Competition Organiser Mr. Richard Stevenson    
Welfare James May   Co ordination of welfare requirements for clubs and league.
DACO Representative Pete Bamber    
Hon. Results Secretary Mr. Dennis White Confirm Results, League Tables

Premier, A, B, C East, C West, E West, F West and G West

Hon. Results Secretary Hayley Hawkins Confirm Results, League Tables

D East and D West

Hon. Results Secretary Mrs. Sheila Harding Confirm Results, League Tables

E East, F East, G East, H East and H West

Play-Cricket Administrator Mr. Dennis White Maintain and update play-cricket Amend play-cricket content to requirements and wishes of Devon Cricket League
Hon. Life Member Dame Mary Bridges DBE    
Hon. Life Member Geoff Coish    
Hon. Life Member David Court    
Hon. Life Member Harold Shaw    
Hon. Life Member Barry Page-Dove    
Hon. Life Member Bill Matten    
Hon. Life Member Graham Shears  
Hon. Life Member Sheila Harding  
Hon. Life Member Dennis White  
Hon. Life Member Nigel Piddock  
Hon. Life Member Gavin Lane