We want cricket to be the most inclusive team sport in England and Wales.

Cricket has made a commitment to shift the culture of the game to be one where everyone feels like they can belong. As part of this commitment, an independent consultancy has been asking big questions and having honest chats with people across England and Wales to find out different perspectives on the game's culture today and the ambitions for the future. These conversations have helped develop a set of themes.

Now we're asking anyone with any connection to cricket (and their friends, family and communities) to get involved and join The Big Cricket Conversation. Every voice will help shape a news set of values that will guide our sport and, ultimately, the culture that gives life to our game.


How to get involved

The survey will run until Monday, June 3 and our ambition is to get as many voices as possible to help shape the future values.

Get involved by:

  • Taking the survey at thebigcricketconversation.co.uk

  • Sharing the survey with your friends, your team, your club, your community, your network contacts and your partners

  • Raise awareness about the survey on social media using #TheBigCricketConversation #RaisingTheGame