Weather had put paid to the original date for the Under 15s Tournament in early August, but the 23rd dawned and it was glorious sunshine at Cornwood Cricket Club as the teams from Exeter, Plymouth, Paignton and Sidbury arrived. Hospitality at Corwood was excellent as ever, with bacon sandwiches already cooking and teas and coffees flowing. The use of the two pitch venue would hopefully prevent the dawn until dusk under 15 day from last year! 

Beautiful view across both Cornwood's pitches


It was a full on schedule for the day, as detailed below

Pitch One  Pitch Two 

Exeter (53ao) vs Plymouth (128/2)

Exeter, the reigning Champions won by 75 runs, against a young Plymouth side

Jemima Mitchel (32), Lucy Vosper (30), Maggie Haffenden (20)

Imogen Dalporph: 4-0-5-15


Sidbury (109/3) vs Paignton (108 ao)

Sidbury, batting with 5 and borrowing fielders, won by 2 wickets 

Amber Varney (30), Alice Brown (32), Elizabeth Monro-Higgs (31)

Oliva Morgan 4-0-4-25  Cammie Collins 4-1-2-15

Exeter (74/5) vs Sidbury (73 ao)

Exeter win by 2 wickets

Lucy Humphreys (32),  

Imogen Daldorph 3-0-3-18, Immy Bagwell 1.1-0-11-2

Paignton (82/5) vs Plymouth (84/3)

Plymouth win by 4 wickets 

Cammie Collins (31), Jemima Johnson (30)

Piper Haffenden 4-1-6-2

Sidbury (124/4) vs Plymouth (44 ao)

Sidbury won by 80 runs

Lucy Humphreys (52)

Olivia Irish 3-0-28-3, Lucy Humphreys 2-0-4-2, Rosie Miller 1.2-0-2-2

Paignton (102 ao) vs Exeter (162/4)

Exeter won by 60 runs

Erin Vukusic (37), Eliza Heard (32), Elle Golsworthy (30), Cammie Collins (30)






Erin Vukusic (c) holding trophy for Exeter 

Sidbury are worthy runners up 

Remaining unbeaten, Exeter remain the Champions of the Tournament and Sidbury (with fielding help from the other teams) retained their runners up status. 





Manager's Players: Lucy Humphreys (Sidbury), Lucy Vosper (Exeter), Olivia Irish (Plymouth), Cammie Collins (Paignton)

Player's Player: jointly awarded to Maggie Haffenden (Plymouth - far left) and Cammie Collins (Paignton - far right)


Many thanks should go to all the managers, players and parents who came and enjoyed the day and also special thanks to Cornwood Cricket Club who accommodated us so well.