Behind every great league, there is a group of dedicated volunteers, who ensure the everything runs smoothly and remain proactive in developing and building the league to provide cricket that is competitive for all ladies and girls in the county. Meet the team that are behind the Devon Women's Cricket League and learn what has driven them to become involved. 








            Chairperson: Hannah Clark

Hannah (front row, 4th from right) and her team at Topsham​


I grew up in Portsmouth and consider myself to be a Proud Portsmouth girl, now living in Devon. After moving to Exeter for University, I've never left!

I grew up in a cricket mad family. I remember watching my dad playing on Saturday's from a young age, and it wasn't long before I was joining my brother at weekly training sessions for Under 11s at our local club. With only a year separating us in age, we played youth cricket together through the age groups and having this shared interest brought us closer together. By the age of 15, we were playing for the men's Saturday teams alongside Dad.

Cricket has been a constant throughout my life, and has given me some of my best friends and memories. I was fortunate to represent Hampshire at age-group and senior level and am now enjoying influencing the club cricket structure in Devon.

I am currently the vice-chair of Devon Women's Cricket League, helping to shape competitive cricket opportunities in Devon. I have also just finished a 5 year stint as captain of Topsham St James' Ladies XI.

I really enjoy being able to connect with the rapid development of the women's game and feel like I am in a position to give back to the cricketing community that has given me so much over the years.

I'm hoping to stay involved in DWCL and want to bring more competitive, club cricket opportunities to women in Devon. We've got a great set up in the county, and with the popularity and success of the game at a national level, we've got a strong basis to build and grow the strength of the game locally. On the playing side of things, I'm always looking forward to getting a game in with Topsham and spending an afternoon behind the stumps as wicket-keeper watching the bowlers toil away.




Jan Witheridge: Vice Chair

 Disciplinary Officer 

Jan and Barney Huxtable, a fellow coach 



My name is Jan Witheridge. I am originally from Wales but have been living in North Devon for thirty-four years. I have recently retired as Deputy Head of West Buckland Prep School after 34 years teaching. I am currently the Colts Chair at NDCC, arguably the most beautiful ground in Devon, and I have seen many wonderful grounds! I am secretary of the North Devon Youth Cricket League and I manage the NDCC Tarka Ladies and girls cricket teams. Last season I took on the role of Disciplinary Officer for the Devon Women’s Cricket League. 

I have always had a great interest in sport, in my younger years show jumping and eventing as my first love, later followed by netball, both playing and coaching being a huge passion. My interest in cricket developed when my sons were young.  

I started assisting with the District cricket in North Devon twenty years ago. This was when masterminded by the ever-youthful Andy Davies, Peter Wright, and the wonderful Brian Champion. I was given the opportunity to manage a District boys side and loved being a District manager with John Harrison. I also took on managing the girls’ teams with tremendous support from Mark Overton. What an impact this had on my life - the opportunity to meet so many children and their parents and to be part of such a great community was inspiring.

It gave me the gift of being part of a large cricketing family and I keep in touch with many of the girls, parents and managers and coaches from all over the country with whom I shared such wonderful days. It is a privilege now to go to watch so many who have kept up their cricket playing in matches and we have great reunions when our paths cross at Devon Ladies League games.

The success of our Tarka Girls team – reaching the Lady Taverners National Final on several occasions, brought home very sharply the obvious need for our talented young ladies to have a pathway after junior cricket. So it was that Mark Overton and I with the support of North Devon Cricket Club, the parents and of course the girls, started NDCC Tarka Ladies. the Devon Ladies League which is run by women for women and is a fantastic vehicle for keeping female players in competitive cricket. The Tarka Ladies players have a very special bond. They are loyal, determined work hard – most of the time - and support one another- all the time!

Going forward I would love to see girls, and boys playing more cricket in schools. I believe the game would benefit hugely from opportunities to develop cricket skills being available locally over some of the winter for all ages and abilities. We have shown this season, with the fantastic success of the Super 8s, that an 8 aside tournament can greatly enhance the longer game formats that we already offer. 

The Ladies League provides a crucial pathway for young players. The quality of the Captains and volunteers involved in the DCL is exceptional and we need to encourage and facilitate these outstanding people in drawing more young women int the game and allowing them to see what we offer. We certainly need to build from the bottom up to maintain numbers whilst respecting, involving, and embracing the older players and volunteers. 

I feel incredibly fortunate to be involved in colts and adult ladies’ cricket in North Devon. I am honoured and delighted to be part of the Devon Ladies League Committee as Disciplinary Officer and to be working with so many passionate and committed women providing life changing opportunities for young sportswomen.




 Secretary: Kirsty Hambley

Kirsty and her daughter.....the next generation 


My name is Kirsty Hambley née Tidball. I grew up in Hatherleigh and returned there after going to University in London. 

My parents, myself and my younger brother (along with most of my extended family) play cricket and I can’t remember a time when it wasn’t part of my life; watching, scoring, playing, sleeping under the pool table down the club as a toddler… Cricket was, and still is, our family summer. 

Cricket has been a constant for me – at school, at University, wherever I’ve lived and worked; I’ve always found cricket to play. 

I’m currently the DWCL Secretary – I first held this role 9-10 years ago, I then had a maternity break in 2017, before retaking the role in 2019. 

I love seeing girls progress in the game – from first learning how odd it is to correctly hold a bat and bowl with a straight arm, to becoming accomplished players with more tactical thought processes and finely tuned skills. Having encountered sexism in the game at a young age, I am determined that my daughters will not have the same experience. My aim for women and girls cricket in Devon is to have a thriving grass roots set-up for all to enjoy, whilst providing a showcase platform for those wishing to go on to achieve accolades in the professional game. I hope to be able to continue in my role/other roles in the future, in order to be able to support the amazing progress we have already made in Devon for women and girls. 







Susannah Maxa : Treasurer 


Moving to Devon from Oxfordshire in 2013, I am no stranger to the development and progression of Women’s Sport. In my role as Finance Director at Oxford United FC, I also became a key part in the application process for Oxford United Women’s FC team entry to the WSL2 – I will never forget sitting in the boardroom of Wembley presenting our case!

Whilst technically moving to Devon for a quieter life (that was never going to happen!), I soon found myself roles to keep me busy and cricket dominates that. As well as currently being the Chair of the DWCL, I manage the Ladies’ team at Hatherleigh and have been instrumental in fundraising and grant applications for the new clubhouse project. I have also been a non- exec board member post on the DCB for a short term

It’s always children or parents that get you involved and for me it was my daughter. Having played Buckingham County Age Group, when we moved to Devon, we were quickly made welcome at Hatherleigh CC and the day after we moved, she played for the club! And I have never looked back! 

She then was offered a place in the Devon Age group squad and I soon found myself offering to help support the women’s game….,which  eventually lead to the position of Chair of the Devon Women’s Cricket League! I am lucky enough to have a very experienced Executive Committee around me as part of the DWCL and now we have our own Women and Girl’s representative on the DCB, we are a really strong team. 

I love the game of cricket and although much prefer to watch, have been known to bring my hockey skills into practice, don my kit and actually play – and quietly love it! 

Cricket has had a huge impact on my life. For me, being able to take my professional qualifications and experience and help apply it to not just the club but then to find it extending to a non-exec post on the DCB, it gave me a sense of purpose and something to look forward to. It now provides me with an extended family and new friends. 

The opportunities given and places that cricket has taken my children and I will be with us for life – from club matches at Instow when we are all huddled under blankets in the cold to my daughter traveling and coaching in South Africa and Australia – all have been greatly enjoyed! 

For me I get a great sense of purpose from my involvement with the Women and Girl’s game. To see the younger girls come through and be recognised as home grown talent shows how successful our league can be. This season, which never looked like it was going to go ahead, has been a great highlight for me. Despite everything, we managed to put on a competitive tournament which all clubs who wanted to play could access and enjoy. Presenting the trophies at the final of the Super 8s tournament made me very proud to be involved with such a driven and passionate women’s league set up. 

Moving forward we need to future proof our game. Development of the whole game is crucial – coaches, umpire and scorers are as important as players. Our league not only needs to be sustainable, but also to grow – softball, hardball, different formats – cricket for all. We need to ensure the club infrastructure in Devon has the facilities and opportunities to provide women and girls with a cricket pathway. 

We now need to look at the pyramid of growth and involvement for girls from All Stars up to the England team. Knowing that somewhere in Devon we already have our next Heather Knight is really exciting! 




If you would like to contact and of the Executive Committee, then please click here to find all their contact details, as well as all details of the hardball contacts in the county.