The teams that were due to play in the 2020 season

In 2021, for the first time, Devon will have a softball cricket league offer available to female players. This will be the postponed league from the 2020 season. Following the AGM at the end of the year, we will confirm teams and entries. 

The East League: 

The South League: 

The West League: 

The teams will play 8 a side, 16 over pairs game, which will encouarge participation of all the players. The ladies are undertaking some training in umpiring and scoring so that they can run games themselves. The games will be scored on Play Cricket and a winner will be recorded. At the end of the season, each league will nominate a player of the season. 

As well as the outdoor league, last season we also ran some indoor events. Due to the Corona Virus Pandemic and the restrictions on indoor games for over 18s, we will not be able to run these in the winter fo 2020/21.