The Devon Cricket Academy is a joint venture between the Devon Cricket Board and the Devon County Cricket Club and is delivered in partnership with the David Shepherd Cricket Trust.

The purpose of our county academy is to develop players, aged 17 and above, capable of performing at National and First-Class level.  Academy programmes are holistic in their approach and deliver a balance of technical, tactical, physical, mental, leadership and lifestyle aspects. 

All of these skills listed are designed to give the player a learning experience designed to develop the person as well as the cricketer. So if they weren’t to achieve their ambition of becoming a professional cricketer, we have exposed them to experiences that will have them exit the Academy a more rounded person. 

The ECB have a long term plan which promotes the development of a world leading Academy System. In Devon we aim to deliver an environment that promotes excellence, nurtures talent and systematically converts this talent into high quality and professional players capable of playing first team cricket for Devon, First Class or International cricket.