It’s uniting. It’s inviting. It’s CricketFest 2017 and we want you to join in!

You know how great your Club is at hosting, playing and promoting cricket.

But how can we reach out to even more people? How can we entice and invite more to come along and experience everything that’s great about the game?

This summer, the ECB is launching CricketFest 2017 to really celebrate the sport and the heroes who make Club cricket what it is year in, year out.

This is cricket for everyone. This is CricketFest 2017.

This is how it works: 

The ECB is inviting you and your club to get everyone - young, old, pro, amateur, complete novices, friend and family - to come together in playing, scoring, supporting, barbecuing, cheering, partying (!) and just celebrating everything that’s so fantastic about the game. And all over four terrific weekends in June and July.

And this is how you can get involved:


Pick a weekend that works for you (24th/25th June, 1st/2nd July, 8th/9th July or 15th/16th July) 


Register for the event with us 


We’ll then send you your own support materials and Hamper


Then just let us know the details of your event!

From making a ton to making the tea, CricketFest 2017 will help recognise and reward the amazing individuals who make the Club game what it is – and get more people, families, kids and ex-players to join in!

So save a date, make sure your club is free on one of these weekends and we’ll tell you more about it nearer the time. And of course, we’re always here on the usual numbers if you want to know more.

CricketFest 2017 is fully supported by the ECB