Clubmark 2022

Clubmark remains a key component of helping clubs raise standards in the recreational game and is used by many leagues as an entry requirement and the Home Office as part of requirements for the managed migration process. The historic 3 year accreditation cycle has been a victim of the pandemic, so there have been some amendments made and the ECB will continue to review to ensure it remains fit for purpose and add value for the clubs going through the process.

ECB Strategic Direction

Given the 3 year accreditation cycle has been broken and the Sport England withdrawal from the programme, going forward we can make the scheme whatever we want it to be. For 2022 we want to build on the introduction of SHMS in 2021 given the importance of safeguarding and build on this by reviewing key governance related documents as well.

Another key difference in 2022 relates to timescales. We will ask all clubs to upload relevant evidence by 30th June which will then be reviewed, and any technical remediation can be completed ahead of the end of the season. This resolves clubs submitting last minute, not getting accredited and not having time to resolve. It also means leagues are clear at the end of the season who are accredited and can plan accordingly for the following season.


  • You can now access your 2022 Clubmark files and add the required evidence. Instructions on how to load evidence can be found on the Clubmark section of the online portal.

  • The Clubmark scheme is run centrally by the ECB but is managed locally via the County Boards. Your local County Board will let you know of the operational timescales they are working to. All documents will need to be added to the portal by 30th June 2022 or any earlier date specified to you by your local County Board.

  • You will be allocated a Club Support Officer by your local board, who will assist you with the process and conduct a site visit if that is necessary

  • The 2022 criteria is below for you to familiarise yourself with. You will see there are a number of mandatory evidence requirements to be loaded on the portal.

  • Your club will also need access to the Safe Hands Management System and ensure that all individuals who need a DBS have one and are registered on the system.

  • Other blank templates such as model constitutions and templates can be found under the “Resources” section of the Club Portal. We are currently refreshing a number of these, together with adding new resources, so please keep checking this section of the portal.

  • If you are currently not accredited then you will receive a site visit from your local County Board to review your practices on a junior training night during the season.

  • If you don’t have access to the Club Portal then please e-mail detailing club name, your e-mail address and your position within the club

  • Upon review of your online file you may be asked to undertake some remediation activity. You will not have your accreditation confirmed until that is done. All remediation will need to be completed before 31st August 2022.


Download the full club guidance document by clicking the image below.