Launched at the beginning of the year, the Girl's Club Champions initiative has been well received by clubs in Devon and it is great to announce that 12 clubs are working with the Devon Cricket Board to create new girl's sections for the coming season. 

There has been no restriction on how clubs provide the girls only sessions - some are choosing to run as club sessions alongside junior training and some are offering girls' only sessions and groups within the Dynamos programme. One thing all the clubs have in common though is the desire and commitment to provide the best opportunities for girls at their clubs, ensuring they have a dedicated coach and access to good quality training. 

Most of the clubs are starting their girls only training in early May alongside the launch of Dynamos and All Stars. All clubs have been equipped with flyers which they can share with schools and interested groups in their area. Part of the programme is for the county board to visit a local school to promote the new girl's section and these visits are well underway to support the clubs. 

An 8 week programme of suggested activities and ideas that the clubs can use for girls training is in development to support the club volunteers who will deliver the programme. It is great to see that many of the clubs are using their current female members to support the delivery of the programme and provide the younger girls with role models in the clubs. Teignmouth and Shaldon Cricket Club have a mother and daughter providing the training, whilst Hatherleigh are using members form the Ladies team to run the sessions. 


Chagford launch their programme as part of Dynamos 

Cornwood launch their programme as junior training and the entry of the team into the West Devon Palladium Youth league

Devon Cricket have provided a busy schedule of activities for the summer, including under 11 festivals, summer camps and competitions in order to give the newly created sections meaningful game play opportunities with other girls teams. 

Outside of the girl's club champions, there are clubs who are working equally as hard to develop all the opportunities they can for girls at their clubs. Exeter has a well established girl's section already and other clubs are working towards finding volunteers and role models for the 2022 season so that they can put their commitments to girl's cricket into practice. 

The future of girls' cricket in Devon looks very safe with the launch of 12 new sections in 2021 and the possibiltiy of a similar number for the 2022 season.