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THERE is still time for clubs or teams to enter the Tolchards Devon Cricket League next season.

Deadline day is October 31 for new clubs and extra teams from clubs already in the competition.

Although the 2021 season is more than six months away, the league wants applications in hand to enable fixtures to be published in mid-November.

David Sheppard, the league secretary, has already received applications from Chagford and Lewdown, who want to re-enter 2ndXIs.

Clubs can contact Sheppard via email to start an informal conversation about entering a team. Sheppard can be contacted on secretary@devoncricketleague.co.ukor by clicking this link.

Another looming deadline is October 15, which is the last date for clubs to let the league know any dates when their home grounds are unavailable. Ground-share arrangements have to be in place by the same date.

League officers are due to meet on-line during the week ahead to discuss arrangements for this year’s annual meeting.

November 27 was originally picked as the date for the annual meeting, but that might have to change.

Traditionally, clubs meet in early September at divisional level to discuss proposed changes to rules and regulations that could or should be presented at the annual meeting.

Covid-19 restrictions meant the meetings were cancelled and that has created a minor headache for the league’s executive.

“The league management committee is meeting next week – virtually – to discuss the way forward regarding this year’s annual meeting – including when it should be held and how best to hold it,” said Sheppard.

“We will be in touch with clubs once the LMC has agreed a way forward, in order to confirm the annual meeting arrangements, as well as how matters normally covered within divisional meetings should best be dealt with this year.”