Basics of Umpiring  - Aimed at club umpires who just need to know the key laws and basic field craft and those players who umpire 5 or 10 overs at the weekend. For ages 13 and over. Book HERE for FREE


Basics of Scoring Designed to provide you with all the skills needed to start scoring.  The course covers the basics of scoring a game of cricket such as, scoring symbols, umpire signals, dismissals and gives a helpful overview of the Laws of the Game. For ages 13 and over.  Book HERE for FREE


Runswktsovers  - A series of live scoring demonstrations covering everything from the basics of scoring, the various methods, including linear scoring to ‘Score Alongs’ and more advanced demos with Q&As. 

For further information on umpiring and scoring please contact:

Marilyn MacQueen - DACO Education Officer 
Nick Evanson – DACO Scorer Trainer 
Sue Drinkwater - YouTube Demonstrations