Action from the game between Exeter and Bovey Tracey in round on of the Super Eights | Photo: Mark Lockett<br>credit:

A FEW queries have been sent in so thought I would send out a general update/clarification email, writes Kirsty Hambley

Attached is an updated version of the rules including The following clarification regarding delayed play:

Delays or Interruptions to Play
  • First Innings:  If during the first innings circumstances delay or interrupt play, 2 overs per 7 minutes after the first 15 minutes, will be deducted from the match total (I.e. 1 per innings).
  • The first innings will define the number of overs the side batting second will have at the start of their innings.
  • Second Innings:  If during the second innings circumstances delay or interrupt play to the extent of 3 ½ minutes or more, 1 over shall be deducted from the second innings total for every 3 ½ minutes delay. The target score will then be adjusted by using run rate from the first innings + 1. 
  • There must be a minimum of 8 overs per innings to constitute a match.
  • Bowling allowances will reduce depending on the number of overs – bowlers will not be allowed to bowl more than ¼ of the overs in an innings (unless this has already been exceeded before the interruption). Where the total number of overs is not divisible by 4, one additional over shall be allowed as necessary to make up the balance. E.g. if 8 overs then bowling is restricted to 2 overs/bowler. If 10 overs then 2 bowlers can bowl a maximum of 3 overs and 2 others a maximum of 2. 
That's out! An Exeter batter perishes in the game against Bovey Tracey
Balls - a reminder to let me know ASAP if you need any new balls. The host ground will provide the balls (one per team, being replaced as previously discussed). They should also make sure they have some spares, however, it would be worth each team taking a few spares along as some clubs are new to the league so will have minimal 5oz pink spares. 
Registration - you will need to register your players to play for the Devon Womens Cricket League on play cricket. If you do not have admin rights to your clubs play cricket site you need to either contact the person who does to register your players or ask for your own login. There are some helpful guides on the play cricket site if anyone is struggling with this. 
Umpires - we will be using the whostheumpire website as normal for umpire details. If you do not have a login please contact me ASAP so I can arrange for this to be set-up for you. I will try to make sure play cricket is updated with the umpires names and email out to the host grounds the Saturday before the game, but the most up-to-date information is likely to be on whostheumpire. Payment will be made by the DWCL so no cash payments are required to be made to umpires on the day, unless otherwise advised by me on an individual basis. 
Scoring - where host grounds are able to provide the scorer for the day they will only be able to access games involving their teams due to the individual club logins on play cricket. Therefore if you are playing in the “middle game” when the host team isn’t, one team will need to provide the scorer with either a login to borrow for that game or a device (wiped clean with appropriate antibacterial wipes) which is already logged in to enable them to score the game. If this isn’t possible paper scoresheets should be used and clear pictures emailed to so I can upload the results. 
All the rules and regulations can be downloaded here
To see more Mark Lockett photos from the game between Exeter and Bovey Tracey, follow this link
Any further questions please let me know.
Thank you
Kirsty Hambley
DWCL Secretary