UPDATES to the Play Cricket website, database and functions have taken place recently. These updates will have implications for all clubs participating in the Tolchards Devon Cricket League.

1. Customised Administrator Roles, released on March 7. The website roles, particularly those that were listed as 'administrator' can now be customised. This will affect those who have or hold the roles of Fixtures and Results Administrators. Clubs will need to action this in order that DCL Results and Score Cards can be entered on Play Cricket, unless amended it will not be possible to enter results and score cards  Further detail can be viewed from the Club’s Admin Home Page – Administrators Notices (7thMarch).

2. Play Cricket Scorer (Pro). This lap top based electronic scoring system has been upgraded and version 2.1.1 is now available for downloading. Current users will need to update their lap tops with the new version – the old version will not work with all the other changes that occurred. The new version has DLS v3 incorporated and can be used in DCL matches where necessary. Release notes, tips and features are available to view from the Announcement Banner at the top of all Play Cricket website home page.

3. Updates have also been made to Play Cricket Scorer (scoring on ipads/android & other mobile devices. To meet GDPR requirements other updates include Junior Membership of websites and the “cleansing” of member databases.

The Administrators of a Club’s Play Cricket website should make themselves aware of these changes so that the appropriate actions can be implemented.