Playing Regulations and Rules Secretary

Following the retirement of the former League Playing Regulations and Rules Secretary, Ray Allen, the League wish to appoint a new officer.  Expressions of interest are now invited for the post with the successful applicant taking up post no later than the League Extraordinary General Meeting, to be held on Friday 1stMarch 2019. 

Purpose of this document             

The purpose of this document is to provide the basic role description for the post.  It also sets out the structure of the Tolchards Devon Cricket League, its League Management Committee and the working relationships involved in the post. 

The League

The Tolchards Devon Cricket League is the largest provider of competitive league cricket in Devon.  There will be 70 clubs and 144 teams competing in the League in 2019. The Premier, A and B Divisions play their cricket countywide.   Divisions C, and below, play in Divisions that are regionalised East and West. Following an agreement by member clubs, the League is now an ‘All Through’ (single tier) structure. 

Management of the League

The League is managed by a single committee, the League Management Committee (LMC).  The Playing Regulations and Rules Secretary is a member of this committee and reports to it.  

The LMC meets no fewer than nine teams during the year. Its responsibilities include the following: -

  • Implementing control of finance, direction and administration of policy on matters that affect the organisation of the DCL.  This also includes the power to appoint sub-committees, as necessary, to appoint advisers, as required, to fulfil its business and co-opt additional people to the committee when considered appropriate.
  • Acting on behalf of and reporting to, as appropriate, the Devon Cricket Board Ltd and the England and Wales Cricket Board.
  • The employment, control and supervision of any paid staff.
  • Conduct of matches, including the Disciplinary Regulations and procedures.
  • Ground criteria
  • The arrangement of League and Cup Competitions

This list is not exhaustive and the full details are published on the League’s site at  

Role description

Specifically, the role of the Playing Regulations and Rules Secretary is –

  1. The review and maintenance of the League’s Playing Regulations and Rules and consultation with the LMC. 
  2. Be the lead contact point, for member clubs, for all inquiries relating to the League’s Playing Regulations and Rules. 
  3. Ensure that the current Playing Regulations and Rules are relevant to the League’s ‘Playing offer’ at all levels of the League. 
  4. Ensure that Playing Regulations and Rules are compliant with any ECB requirements and that ECB Guidance e.g. young players in open age cricket; the use of helmets etc, is promoted widely to member clubs and their players. 
  5. Ensure that the Playing Regulations and Rules consider any relevant changes to the laws by the MCC. 
  6. Manage the proposals for amendments to the Playing Regulations and Playing Rules received from member clubs and, in so doing, ensure that there are no unforeseen impacts on existing Playing Regulations and Rules. 
  7. Present the compilation of changes to the League Management Committee for a ‘critical friend’ approach. 
  8. Present the proposals for change to the AGM (or EGM) of the League. 
  9. Provide an updated Word document of the revised version of the Playing Regulations and Rules for the Secretary of the League (as editor) for the upcoming edition of the League handbook. 

Time commitment / remuneration

The Playing Regulations and Rules Secretary is a voluntary post for which the usual business expenses e.g. mileage, will be paid. The Playing Regulations and Rules have recently undergone a major overhaul.  It is anticipated that such a major review will not need to be undertaken again for around a further five years. (2022 – 2023). 

The major workload will occur during the period from the latter part of the cricket season (August) until the publication of the League handbook in April.  During this period, the time commitment is likely to be in the region of 3-4hrs per week. 

The incumbent will be expected to provide a report for, and attend, all meetings of the League Management Committee.  Therefore, outside of the time period, above, the time commitment is likely to be in the region of 1 – 2 hours per week. 


In the execution of the role, the following skills would be helpful: -

  1. Be well organised and able to work under own initiative
  2. Have access to their own computer, with internet and email access.  Conversant with Microsoft office (or similar) programmes. 
  3. Be a team player
  4. Previous experience of working with the ‘regulations and rules’ of a sport would be helpful, but not essential. Members of the League Management Committee represent a well of experience of the League’s rules and will be able to support the new appointee. 


The following represent the key relationships in the post.

  1. League Chairman
  2. League Secretary
  3. League Management Committee
  4. Devon Association of Cricket Officials – particularly DACO training officer
  5. ECB ACO

Edward Leverton – Secretary

Tolchards Devon Cricket League

Monday, 31 December 2018