Find a home for all your unwanted kit today

Devon Cricket is delighted to partner the Lords Taverners in their Cricket Kit Recycling programme. The Devon Cricket Centre, Sports Park, Exeter University has now become a a centre where you can drop in any unwanted old kit. 

The Lords Taverners require any Cricket kit (pads, bats, gloves, balls, and stumps), especially junior kit and equipment. This kit will then be distributed across the globe, to help under privileged children and support coaching programmes run by the Taverners and other supported charities across the world.

For further information on where your kit may end up visit the Lords Taverners website;

If you have any items that you want to get rid of today then either contact the DCB by clicking here or by dropping in with your items to the Devon Cricket Centre. 

Please ignore the dates on the poster above, the Devon kit collection will be open until the 1st February 2018 so there is still plenty of time to have an end of season clear out.