Brixham v Hatherleigh – Saturday 22nd July 2017

Decision of the Devon Cricket League

This decision has been reached in conjunction with the League Playing Rules Secretary and, with reference to a report, seen by both clubs, from a DACO appointed umpire to this match.

The complaint, received from Hatherleigh Cricket Club, sought to bring a case that Playing Regulation 11 (b) had been incorrectly applied by Brixham Cricket Club in cancelling this match on account of ground and weather conditions.   Furthermore, Hatherleigh Cricket Club were claiming the points for this match as if it had been a conceded game.

According to the report provided by Hatherleigh Cricket Club the League have concluded that both clubs incorrectly interpreted the terms and conditions of Playing Regulation 11 (b).

The original contact from Brixham Cricket Club was made at 0930 on 22nd July to Hatherleigh Cricket Club.   Playing Regulation 11 is clear that no decision to cancel a game may be made before 1000, on the day of the match, on account of weather or ground conditions.  Hatherleigh CC, at the time of the first approach, expressed that they were about to leave and wished to travel.

At 10.25, when the second contact was made by Brixham CC to Hatherleigh CC to cancel the match, the caller was advised that the team were already in transit.   In the event of any dispute a member of the League PRRMC should be contacted.  The League understands that Hatherleigh CC did contact a member of the PRRMC, but this contact did not come until circa 1100 / 1130 on 22nd July.

From the report tabled by Hatherleigh CC we are happy that members of Brixham Cricket Club were present at the on-site inspection which was, at Hatherleigh CC’s request, carried out by one of the DACO umpires appointed for this match.

Having carefully considered the report submitted by the DACO umpire we are content that the decision to cancel the match, due to adverse weather and ground conditions was correct.   The Hatherleigh CC claim to the points for this match, as if it were a conceded game, cannot be upheld.