County Age Group Review

Following a meeting on Monday 16th May and an excellent presentation from David Court to the County Age Group managers and coaches, we are pleased to be able to share a copy of the recommendations and observations made by David Graveney and his team from a County Age Group Review conducted in February.  Also linked below is data from Parents & Players as well as data from Managers & Coaches. 

There was 100% agreement and buy in from those in the room that this was the best way forwards for County Age Group cricket.  The recommendation document was fully endorsed by all those in attendance.

The next key action is to establish a 'Devon Cricket Pathway' steering group to start developing some of these recommendations.  This will include representation from Districts (x2), County Age Group Chair, Devon Women, Devon County Cricket Club, Coaches Chair, DCB Non-Exec Director and (x2) County Age Group Coaches.  This group will have a clear remit and meet 2 or 3 times a year to help shape the pathway for players in Devon over the short, medium and long term.

County Age Group Review - Recommendations

Players & Parents feedback

Coaches & Managers feedback

County Age Group Presentation