Shaldon skipper Todd Ballman on THAT remarkable defeat by Chagford

Todd BallmanSHALDON skipper Todd Ballman said the ‘bizarre’ defeat by Chagford last Saturday was a lesson painfully learned for his side.

Ballman said after dismissing Chagford for just 34, his side were confident of going on to win the game.

Instead, Chagford skittles Shaldon for 26 to claim a highly unlikely win.

Ballman said, in mitigation, all three Shaldon teams were depleted on Saturday due to players wanting to watch Exeter Chiefs in the Premiership final against Saracens at Twickenham.

The Shaldon skipper stressed that couldn’t be used as an excuse, adding: “Well done to Chagford as defending 34 is quite incredible.”

Looking back at the game, Ballman said: “The inexperience of our 11 showed and we took our eye off the ball at the halfway stage, believing we had already won the game. 

Unfortunately they took early wickets leaving us one for four, doubt crept into our minds and eventually got the better of us. 

“I know for certain we have learned a lot from the game and feel confident we will come back fighting.

"To get a win against Kingsbridge on Saturday would be the best way for us to put such a bizarre game behind us.