New challenge for Griffiths as Sidmouth 2nd XI captain

Anthony Griffiths - Sidmouth

SIDMOUTH have asked former 1st XI captain Anthony Griffiths to skipper the 2nd XI next summer.

Griffiths will take over from Declan Lines, who is currently playing in Australia.

Declan Lines - led Sidmouth to the 2nd XI Premier Division titleLines didn’t to a bad job last season – he led the team to the Premier 2nd XI title – but is earmarked for a 1st XI spot in 2018.

Griffiths, 45 , was 1st XI captain from 2004-2006. He joined the club from Ottery in 1992 and within two seasons was a 1st XI regular. He kept his place at the top of the order for 22 seasons.

Griffiths sees the new job as a career move and not a backward step.

“It is a fresh challenge for me and an exciting one in the new, all-through league that is coming this summer,” said Griffiths.

“Our second team will be playing teams we have never faced before – most of them first elevens – and are going to be tested in new ways.

“The old Premier 2nd XI served its purpose, but in recent years there have not been that many hugely competitive games for us.

“That is going to change this summer and I am looking forward to seeing the younger players in the team developing.

“My aim is to narrow the gap between the 1st and 2nd XIs so when players step up it isn’t the big jump it is now.”