England captain Heather Knight drops in on her old primary school

Heather Knight running a training session at her old school

ENGLAND’S World Cup-winning captain Heather Knight returned to her old school in Plymouth to inspire current pupils to try the sport she has made into a career.

Knight dropped in at Elburton Primary School as an ambassador for the cricket charity Chance to Shine to meet pupils in year five.

Knight talked to them about her own memories of Elburton as well as the incredible successes that she has had since in her career.

Alex Jopling spreads the cricket wordThe children got the chance to quiz Knight on last summer’s World Cup-winning campaign, how she got into cricket and her favourite subjects when she was at school.

Classmate were given a special coaching session led by Chance to Shine and Devon Cricket Board coach Alex Jopling, with assistance from the England captain.

Knight, who captained the cricket team while at Elburton, gave students some coaching and tips to help them improve their game.

Knight also visited nearby Woodford Primary, giving a special MCC Spirit of Cricket assembly that encouraged the pupils to learn the important lessons of playing hard but fair, and treating the opposition, umpires and team-mates with respect.

Knight said she thoroughly enjoyed dropping in at her old school.

“It was fantastic to see the smiles on the children’s faces and to see they are enjoying their cricket,” said Knight.

“They can learn a huge amount from the sport that will help them later in life in terms of communication, team-work and respect.

“Hopefully some of the children here today can really kick on with their cricket. Maybe one day we will have another Elburton graduate playing for England!”

The visits were organised by Chance to Shine, a national cricket charity that aims to spread the power of cricket to state schools and communities across the country, and the charity’s partner NatWest.

NatWest are working with Chance to Shine as part of their Cricket has no boundaries campaign, championing diversity and inclusion in cricket.