League to impose points penalty on Torquay for pulling out of second team game against North Devon

League statement

North Devon   Torquay – week 9

A complaint was received from North Devon Cricket Club regarding the cancellation of the Premier 2nd XI game, on Saturday 1st July 2017, by Torquay Cricket Club.

In response to the complaint the League established a panel, comprising members of the Playing Rules and Regulations Management Committee to adjudicate on the decision made by Torquay Cricket Club, in line with Playing Regulation 18 - Inability to fulfill a Fixture.

In reaching their decision, the review panel decided that the terms of reference of Playing Regulation 18 (a – d) are clear and member clubs should be aware of them in all respects.

By way of mitigation the panel fully considered any Duty of Care issues relating to the Torquay team members in fulfilling the 2nd XI fixture.  However, it was felt that these did not constitute exceptional circumstances as framed within Playing Regulation 18 (d).

Decision of the Review Panel

The decision of the review panel is to uphold the complaint made by North Devon Cricket Club.    In line with Playing Regulation 18 (d) all points achieved by teams from Torquay Cricket Club, in League matches, played on Saturday 1st July are lost.  There is a penalty deduction made against Torquay 2nd XI in line with Playing Regulation 18 (a).

Rights of appeal other than Discipline

In line with article 7 of the Devon Cricket League administration, a Right of Appeal exists if either party does not agree with this decision.  Page 25 of the League handbook refers.

Edward Leverton – Secretary

Tolchards Devon Cricket League

17th July 2017