Fixture wanted for long-time tourists Brighton Brunswick

Brighton Brunswick leaving the field after last season

LONG-time Devon tourists Brighton Brunswick are looking to fill an unexpected gap in their fixture list.

The tour starts on Sunday with games arranged until the following Friday.

Brunswick now find they are without a fixture on Wednesday (July 5) as their opposition have pulled out.

Any game – even an evening match – would be better than no game at all.

The tourists are looking for a game in the Exeter or Torbay area. They have been coming to Devon since 1935 - war years asside - and are one of the stronger teams to visit.

It is common for Brunswick sides to include up-and-coming young Sussex professionals, or current overseas Test stars playing as professionals in the Home Counties competitions.

Tony Millard, a Sky sports motor racing commentator was a long-time wicketkeeper for the club before his death in 2013.

For many year the Devon Cricket Association put out a representative side to play against Brighton Brunswick for the Jack Vicary Trophy. That fixture died out when Cricket Boards came in around 15 years ago.

Anyone who can help should contact Bob Samson on 07730 058850.