How the captains see it in the C Division West

SKIPPERS in the both C Divisions – East and West - will probably be looking over their shoulders this season to ensure they stay clear of the bottom three.

One of the consequences of the all-through league coming into play for 2018 is three relegation places from both C Divisions this season

Room has to be found for three teams coming from the Premier 2nd XI competition and a side dropping down from the B Division.

Whatever the pros and cons of an all-through league – 15 divisions in all with 2nd XI and 1st XIs playing against each other for the first time – it does mean all sorts of accommodations to make it work.

To balance numbers there will have to be level transfers from time to time, such as sides from the East going across to the West and vice versa. It happens already – ask Alphington and Shaldon – and is commonplace in league rugby at regional level.

And to start filtering 2nd XIs in at level four for 2018, three teams have to be relegated this year.

Conversely, only the champion side goes up with no play-off between the East and West runners-up for the consolation prize.

Alphington, who finished second last season, lost the play-off game to Filleigh, aren’t have been switched to the East this year as a level transfer so their fate will be decided elsewhere.

Here's how the teams see the season ahead

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