Draft proposals on new DCL rules, regulations and constitution published

Have your say on the league proposed rule and regulation changes
Have your say on the league proposed rule and regulation changes

PLAYERS turning out for clubs in the Tolchards Devon League have been urged to have their say on the biggest overhaul of rules and regulations for more than a decade.

Ray Allen, recently appointed as the playing rules secretary following the retirement of Gavin Lane, believes players want changes made in the way cricket is played.

Allen, a Premier panel and Minor Counties umpire, has talked to players, looked at rules and regulations in other parts of the country and considered changes necessary when Devon switches to an all-through competition for 2018.

The draft proposals – and they are drafts at the moment - have recently been published and can be read by following the links at the bottom of this page.

Among the draft proposals are changes to the length of games in lower divisions – down to 40 overs from 45 – a new points scoring system, a limit on short-pitched bowling and two runs for a no ball.

Clubs know registration for every player is proposed – currently 2nd and 3rd XIs are exempt – which is a massive change and equally massive administration exercise!

Ed Leverton, the league secretary, has been part of the sounding-out process among clubs, meeting chairman at divisional meetings to discuss rules and regulations.

Ray Allen, who has put together the draft changes to the Devon League's rules and regulationsLeverton said one thing coming over strongly is a feeling the competition needs updating.

“The views expressed indicate players want to see a game more easily recognised with those played in the professional game,” said Leverton

“The league needs to change some of its playing rules to align with the new all-through league structure that will apply from the 2018 season.

“However, opinions expressed by a number of club captains indicate that the playing rules need to be modernised.

“During the season the league has held meetings with the chairmen of member clubs and as part of the debate new draft proposals were discussed.

“Each club attending meetings was given hard copies of the drafts and encouraged to discuss these with their captains and senior players.

“Captains and players are the people who need to read the drafts – not just committees – as it will affect them.

“Players are encouraged to speak with their club chairmen to ensure these discussions take place.”

Feedback is wanted from every member club by a deadline of September 4 – and the deadline is significant.

“After that date the proposals will be re-drafted in time for the divisional meetings on October 4 and 6,” said Leverton.

Leverton said the process of finding a new league chairman to replace the late Stuart Munday is gathering pace with a clutch of candidates expressing an interest.

“We had four initially, one of whom dropped out,” said Leverton.

“The three left are definitely keen and we have had a fourth expression of interest from another potential candidate.”

Leverton said as a closing date had not been set yet for applications, anyone interested can still contact him on secretary@devoncricketleague.co.uk to have an informal discussion about the post.

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